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Melksham Carcare Centre can supply and fit a wide range of exhausts to suit all vehicles. We are pleased to offer FREE FITTING for exhausts, which can even be done while you wait!

It is important to maintain a healthy exhaust system for the health of both your vehicle and the environment. Your exhaust generates a number of different emissions and it is essential that this is regularly monitored to ensure that the balance of emissions is acceptable and the engine is running efficiently.

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In the event of your exhaust failing it is possible for noxious fumes to be drawn back up into the main body of the car, rather than being channelled away from the engine, and it goes without saying that this can be dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle.

The benefits of a properly functioning exhaust system are a smooth running, quiet engine, optimal fuel efficiency and the continued health of the driver and passengers.

For more information about our exhaust fitting services call Melksham Carcare Centre on 01225 703014.